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Damast Chef Küchenmesser


  • Handgeschmiedeter Damaszenerstahl
  • 1095 Hartstahlkern
  • Attraktiver Griff aus Rosenholz
  • Rockwell Härte 61 HRC
  • Leichtgewicht: nur 210 Gramm
  • Multifunktionales Küchenmesser
  • Ideal für Picknick, BBQ & mehr
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Lieferzeiten :
Deutschland, Austria : 2-3 Arbeitstag
Belgien, Niederlande : 1 Arbeitstag
Schweiz : 5-7 Arbeitstag
Europäische Union : 3-7 Arbeitstag
Rest der Welt : 2-3 Wochen

Looking for a sharp and multi-use chef’s knife for everyday cooking? Then look no further than this ideal kitchen companion! A chef’s knife that combines utility and aesthetic with its pattern welded steel and blade thickness of 2.5 cm (1 inch). This knife is the ideal choice for precision, easily slicing through everything from vegetables to meat. Thanks to durable materials and quality finishing, it will be your favorite everyday cooking knife for years to come.

High-Quality Material

This chef’s knife has a high carbon core with pattern welded steel. The pattern welding ensures the perfect combination of durability and aesthetic. The handle is made of exquisite rosewood, making it extremely resistant to water damage and rot. Weighing only 210 g (0.46 lbs), this sturdy knife is lightweight and easy to handle. Thanks to its high quality materials and eye-pleasing appearance, this knife is the perfect choice for daily kitchen use.

Traditionally Hand-Forged

Hand-forged steel molecules formed during the manufacturing process produce stronger and sturdier blades. Hand crafted prior to heat treatment by traditional blacksmith techniques, this chef’s knife has a hardness of 61 HRC (Rockwell hardness), which corresponds to the top category of blade steel hardness. The combination of high-quality material and hand-forged manufacturing makes this knife particularly durable and long-lasting.


The pattern welded chef’s knife was inspired by customer feedback from around the world. It was designed for multipurpose use in everyday cooking, and embodies the perfect combination of utility and design. This unique model can be used on everything from vegetables, herbs, fish and meat. The durable materials and hand-forged steel prevent the blade from becoming blunt, even when used frequently. Its rosewood handle makes it resistant to frequent washing.


28,7 cm


18,5 cm


5 cm


2,5 mm


210 g


1095 Hochkohlenstoffkern mit geschweißtem Stahl


61 HRC



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